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ISA slots are not used much anymore, but most computers still have at least one of them. ISA networking cards, ISA sound cards, ISA video cards, and other types of ISA expansionA sound card is what processes sound and allows speakers and a microphone to be hooked up tothe computer.

What is PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect)? - Definition ... The PCI specifications define two different card lengths. The full-size PCI form factor is 312 millimeters long; short PCIs range from 119 to 167 millimeters in length to fit into smaller slots where space is an issue. Like the full-size PCI, the short PCI is a high-performance I/O bus that can be configured dynamically for use in devices with ... AGP 2x, 4x, 8x. what does this mean? - Apple Community The 2x 4x 8x are the relative speeds of the accelerated graphics port. The normal PCI slots operate at 33MHz. An AGP slot operates at 66MHz, 2x AGP at 133MHz (effective speed), 4x AGP at 266MHz (effective speed) and 8x at 533MHz (effective speed). Your G4 450 AGP Graphics has a 2x AGP slot.

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All you need to know about AGP slot compatibility between motherboards and video cards. AGP compatibility for sticklers - PlayTool If an AGP card fits in an AGP expansion slot then they are compatible. ..... it doesn 't mean that a motherboard using that chipset will always have an AGP slot. AGP interface pinout and wiring @ old.pinouts.ru

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Agp definition/meaning What does Agp mean? initialism. accelerated graphics port. Place. Agp a.k.a. Málaga Airport, officially Málaga–Costa del Sol Airport since June 2011, is the fourth busiest airport in Spain after Madrid–Barajas, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca. It is an important airport for Spanish tourism as it... The AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) For the needs of modern graphics adapters, the AGP bus is superior to PCI because it provides a dedicated pathway between the slot and the processor, allowing for faster communication between the two. AGP also uses sideband addressing, meaning that addressing for packets is carried outside of...

The 32-bit AGP bus gave way to 16-channel PCI Express (PCIe). For a while, motherboards had one PCIe slot just for the graphics card. Later on, boards offered multiple PCIe slots.

IS PCI is a parallel bus It is a second generation to a standard PCI developed to replace and be more versitile than the current AGP (accelerated graphics port) but many new motherboards come with both AGP and multiple combos of PCI and PCI express slots. AGP - OSDev Wiki Since AGP is an extension on top of the PCI specification, AGP cards can be used as any other PCI cards. However in their normal state they will work without the improvements they were designed with. Showdown at 133 MHz FSB - Part 2, The Real McCoy This time we showed no mercy. We included the good old BX-chipset and ran it at 133 MHz FSB. It had to stick up against no less than Intel's great i840-chipset and of course i820 and VIA's Apollo Pro 133A as well.